All the Presidents Men

I've had this on my must see list for years.  My anticipation and perceived weight of the film could be why I didn't care for it.

Nixon, Impeachment, Watergate etc - all big words and concepts I've grown up with since I was a kid but never quite understood.  I always envisioned this movie to be my 'aha!' clarity movie for this event in history.

Sadly it was not.
Redford's character was pretty good.  Hoffman annoyed me.  The audio wasn't clear and add to that Hoffman's mumbling made this very hard to understand - especially specific details that would make understanding this conspiracy so much more comprehensible.

I really wanted to love this movie but since I had to Wikipedia Watergate to get a better understanding of the event I have to flat out throw this movie to the curb.

That being said - if I were to watch this again having a better understanding of Watergate - it may make more sense.

When this came out in '76 - the details fresh in everyone's mind this film I think would have been better - but 40 years later it just doesn't hold up.


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