First Hike

Neebing River Thunder Bay
I had every intention of going to Kakabeka Falls to hike the "Little Falls" trail.  But the weather wasn't co-operating and I was running out of time.

I opted to Urban Hike.  There's a bike path near my home that borders the river.  I took every opportunity to walk off the path and in the brush to make make it more hike like.

It was chilly but spring was definitely in the air.  The sounds of Robins - almost of dozen of them off to the side of the path were trying to stay warm.  In the same wooded area I spied some sparrows and a single Wood Pecker.

Later on two I spotted 2 Loons making their way up river.  I imagined the fowls second guessing their arrivals back to this area.  There was still some snow and some ice along the water way.

I spent roughly 2 hours plodding up the river than back down taking in the sights and sounds.  Traffic was minimal and didn't influence my state of mind terribly.  I took as many moments as I could to stop and really take in the nature around me.  Staring into the rushing river I hoped to see some Steelhead as rumor had it they were starting to run.   The sound of the water, and the brightness of the sun's reflection slowed time.


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