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Based on the most recent discussion on the SteveDanglePodcast and the debate over off side calls and robots….

I think you have to first decide FIRST which interest is more important:

1.      Fans / Entertainment
2.      Teams/Coaches/Players

-Fans WANT to be entertained.  Teams NEED to win.-

When you state that Sports is ENTERTAINMENT that may be true – but it’s jobs and money for Teams/Coaches/Players.

So the way I see it – Video Replay is solely for Teams. They will exploit anything and everything if it means winning at the end of the day.  Teams are eliminated from playoffs based on one game.   That will cost a team Millions of extra dollars if they miss out.
If TEAMS is the primary interest – then I agree with Jesse – ROBOTS. 

However the opposite is true if the FANS are the primary interest.

Eliminate Video Replay.  Even goal line reviews.  All of it.  How many times has a missed call been complained about by the coach to a ref and the ref than makes up with it by calling something against the other team?  How many times have we heard how vital the Refs position to influence the game is?

The down side to this is if referees become compromised the same way FIFA has a problem with its refs and bribing.  Just look here at this 'influencing' scandal:  Footballs biggest fixing scandals Liverpool Juventus Manchester

So – one or the other.  This Hybrid isn’t working.


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