Sugar - BAD

Harmful Foods

yogurt - 2x sugar  than lucky charms    13g sugar only (20 to high) prio biotics claim false

WHeat bread - BAD.  WonderBread Pepperidge  contain HighFRUCTOSE Syrup - (FAT STORING)
- 20x sweeter than sugar.  Not recognized by brain.  Disrupts "i'm full"

CEREAL BARS - BAD.  Sugar + Con Syrup, sugar sugar sugar


4 Natural Weigh Loss Helpers:
Makes energy or Fat.  Not both

1.  Packed Preservatives - avoid Long Expirey Dates.  Causes stomach problems.  Preservatives take longer to digest causing storing fat.    AMAYLAE LIAPSE BROMELAIN - cuts preservatives and aids digestion.

2. candida - bad bacteria. feeds on sugar and overgrow and demand more sugar. digestion is disrupted by the candida overgrowth.  Probiotics - good bacteria.  10 Unique

3. No Diet Beverages. Caralluma Fimbriata - reduces appetite.

4.  EGCG -  Green Tea Extract.  Metabolism Booster.  Drink before workout.


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