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The Show Must Go On

It may have been one of the worst nights in the city for weather in some time, but that didn’t stop The Balconies from putting on a fantastic show at Crocks Wednesday night in front of the few brave souls that dared to venture out to see them.

Some bands may have taken the night off but Jacquie and company performed as if they were playing to a sold out house.  True professionals they performed their polished and well-rehearsed set in support of their latest album “Rhonda”.  Their latest offering is a mix of hard hitting alt-rock-pop songs with some sweet 80’s synths.

Jacquie’s range of vocals were predominantly strong, powerful and passionate - but she had no issue switching gears to soothing and melodic.

The band last night comprised only of herself, fellow guitarist Liam and drummer Mike.  Their Bass player was MIA for a few of their gigs which forced the band to use some technical ingenuity to fill out the rest of lineup.   The result was a slick and encompassing perf…