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Books and Movies

Thanks to some recommendations to join GoodReads, I've absorbed more books in the last year than I've managed to get through my entire adult life.  Mostly part to Audible, but there are few that I've flipped pages electronically and IRL.

What I've found most interesting is my desire to read/listen to books that were adapted into screenplays.  I am a bit of film nerd so I find myself slowly broadening my imagination with each book and movie.  I find I'm better able to invision characters, settings and most profoundly - emotion for the literature.

When I finish the book I frantically want to see the director's vision of the material.  Sometimes I agree with the adapatation, other times I feel they're way off.  I also find it interesting what the focus of the adpatation is.

For a standard move run time I understand one can't possibly fit the whole story into the production.  The nerdy film side me is pretty good at seeing the details in the shots that conv…

55-200mm Lens Purchase

It was my birthday recently and I bought myself my first new lens for my Nikon D3100.  With some advice from a co-worker I grabbed the Nikkor 55-200mm zoom lens.  This new lens along with a daily news article I manage as well as contribue photos to (Good Morning Thunder Bay) has really motivated me to get out and shoot.

The weather has been pretty frigid but I've managed to get out and get some very interesting pictures with my new glass.