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Apps for Newbies with IPads

Here's a quick list of Ipad apps i think should be installed on a brand new Ipad to help a new owner make the most of their shiny new toy.  If the Ipad is to be the replacement for many things in your house i suggest the following so that information can be retrieved almost instantly and also to show off the 'cool' factor for friends and family who haven't seen a tablet yet or just got one.  Make it more than just a Facebook on your computer in the basement replacement.  Make it a minor life altering device.  Everything you need at the touch of button:

Weather eye  - what's it like out? I don't know give me a second and i'll find out. (no more turning tv on and heading to weather network only to have to see commercials). Just the weather 'maam!Global TV - missed your favorite show last night? Want to see what everyone was talking about? This app lets you watch full episodes of tvGoogle earth - so useful.  Want to find that secret beach? Want to re-visit…

Stuff That's Going on In Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

I spent a long weekend in one of Canada's finest cities with some very great friends. The big question that was asked a few times was "so why are you back in Thunder Bay?". I did my best to convey the cultural development movement that is occurring in the city i call home.

Without going over board and trying to limit my answer to two minutes or less, i breifly touched on the 2 cores and their new respective roles, i touched on the music scene that is thriving, and the overall evolution from mill town to information based technology community.

Here is a quick set of links to stories over the past year that have really shone a light on the evolution and growth of Thunder Bay.

Prince Arthur's Landing Phase 1 Completion: Park Grand Opening: and Commercial Production: Park: http://www.tbnewswa…

Euro 2012 Groups

Group A
Czech Republic

Group B

Group C
Republic of Ireland

Group D

Italy will advance without breaking a sweat.

Burnz n Hell


Cyberbullying, now Cyberbaiting

There's a new term being thrown around - Cyberbaiting.  This takes cyberbullying to another level.

Instead of students bullying students via the internet, students are now trying to bully teachers.

Students will intentionally provoke teachers and try and catch a possible embarrasing or compromising situation on their phone.

Once the incident is captured the student attempts to 'bait' the teacher by threatening to post the picture/video online.

According to Symantec - 1 in 5 teachers has personally or knows of a fellow teacher caught up in a cyberbaiting scenario.

Its no surprise now that 67% of teachers say being friends via social media networks with students is risky.

Zucchini and Shrimp Pasta

4 Zucchini
1 onion diced
1 handful of  mushrooms
1 handful slivered sun dried tomatoes
12 small shrimp
1 cup of white wine
1 package of fresh pasta
Virgin Olive Oil

One of my favourite staples in the house.

This one is very simple and very tasty.  Start with a big pot and heat up some oil.cook down diced  onions and cubed zucchini and constantly stir as to not stick to bottomonce onions and zuchinines mush up add everything else and turn down heat and allow to simmerstir often  Pasta: Prepare as per pasta packaging instructions Once pasta is strained and the pot of goodness is a nice mushy sauce consistency, mix together and serve with parmigiana cheese.  Drink the white wine you used in the pasta.

Activate Ipad Itunes without a credit card

I set up a new Ipad 2 for a friend who insisted on not using his credit card.  This is how i got it to work:

Buy an Itunes gift card - any amount.Download itunes to your computer and setup an itunes account.Then when it asks for billing option - do not fill out the credit card info (even though it insists you do) and simply punch the authorization number of the itunes gift card in the second section.  Wait for it to process and when complete you will get the same screen, but you no longer need to provide credit card info - just the billing address at the bottom.

Hope that helps someone.

Tampa Bay Lightning Trap

Much is being made of last nights NHL game between the Flyers and Bolts.  People are already calling for rule changesr to 'fix' what happened last night.  I for one commend Laviolette for making his Flyers do what they did.  And here's what i think of last nights 'travesty'.

I think this got everyone talking and has elevated the education level of hockey fans.  I don't believe a majority of fans realized what a 'trap' truly meant and what a 'system' really meant.  TSN, Sportsnet and others did  a great job at displaying this with their smart boards and video freeze frame.
I am not a Flyers fan.  But i do think there was some brilliance to Laviotte's strategy to address the trap.  He did this in Tampa which took the crowd out of the game.  It got the attention of everyone watching it on Tv and on recaps.  It exposed the 'trap' and embarrassed the Bolts.  St. Louis had to ask the coach 'what do i do now'?

There is no need to '…

These are a few of my favourite drinks...

"Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since we have no place to go - let it snow let it snow let it snow."     There's something about this time of year that just begs for a drink for any visit before and during the holidays.  Here is my list of drinks, wines and beers that i like to stock during this festive time:

Shlog 'n nog:  
New twist on an old favourite that I found during my time in Muskoka.  Eggnog and Goldschlager.  Just try it - you'll thank me.

Jameson.  Nice and neat.  Not to overpowering - perfect with some ice.

Red Wine: Union Red Wine.
Just a nice everyday table red.

Red Wine: The Wolftrap.
Just a bit more flavour than Union. Again - good every day table with a little extra flavour.

Red Wine:
Casilero Del Dialblo Shiraz.  Powerful and Spicy Red.  Offer this if you want to get them talking. About the wine or anything else

White Wine:
Union White Wine.  Nice and mellow - not to sweet.  For the Ladies…

New Server- Same Old Problems - Registry Corruption

Well it happened.  Registry changed caused major issue with server 2008.  Newer server platform - same old problem and same resolution as windows 98.

Quick Fix:

Boot to install CD.
Get to command prompt.

1. Rename the affected registry (this case 'system'.)
C:\windows\system32\config\ren system  systemold

2.  Copy backup from regbak
c:\windows\system32\config\copy c:\windows\system32\config\regbak\system

Cross your fingers.

Italian Soccer and Fixtures Explained

Serie A is once again in full swing. Here's a quick explanation of how soccer isn't just a league trophy and a playoff, but rather a chance for many teams to compete for 'something'.

I'll start off with something your no doubt aware of - NHL hockey. This should illustrate why Italian Soccer is so much more than just the "Stanley Cup of or Bust" mentality.

NHL hockey basically works like this:
30 teams play 82 regular season games. Top team is President's Cup winner. The top 8 teams in each conference qualify for playoffs and chance to win Stanley Cup. Winner of Eastern Conference plays winner of Western Conference for Stanley Cup. The End.
That makes for a long season if your team isn't in contention. If you aren't fortunate to live in 1 of the 30 cities you don't have a local connection to the team. There is no penalty for being a bad team - just the promise of 'next year' and the bonus of a high draft pick.
Italian Soc…

Search AD for email aliases

There's no gui tool to easily find an email aliases in Active Directory

Found this and it works!
Right Click
Open AD and right click 'find' on the domainCustom SearchAdvanced tab and choose LDAP QueryAdd the following line to the field: proxyaddresses=smtp:username@domainname.comyou can you use wildcards which is helpful - especially if you host multiple domains (something*@*.com) will yield results :)

Leafs 7th or Better

Leafs are 2-0. They look dangerous now. Sure they're disorganized, but hey we have a lot of new faces. The key is - we're better. Reimer bailed us out when needed, and when our key players got opportunities - we capitalized. Phaneuf on the drop pass blast, kessel with a hat trick, Grabo the point a game man. This team once it gels going - is only going to get better. The train is gaining speed with Leafs Nations in tow. GO LEAFS!

The Star Trek - The Unit - Castle Connection

Anyone know how these 3 shows are connected? A lot of the same characters in all 3 of these shows. All minor characters, but connected none the less.

I just watched the season premier last night of Castle and realized what i saw. I'm a Trekie. I did like the unit (but preferred e-ring but that's another post all together) and I love Castle. Not going to critique Castle today (that's another post all together). I'm just going to draw out the connections of these 3 shows:

1. Max Martini - he played a baddie for a couple of episodes last season. He was also a main actor in The Unit. The Unit also starred Denis Haysbert. This is no connection - except for the fact he was also in the second season of 24 as the President of the US. The first lady was:

2. Penny Johnson - who is now playing the new captain in Castle as "Victoria Gates". She also played a role in Star Trek DS9 as "Kassidy Yates". "Gates" "Yates". Odd. No who also starred in …

Waking the Sound

Kris Delorenzi's message of inspiration and love was well received during a live performance at Ruby Moon Saturday, Aug. 6.
Friends, family and fans all packed into the eclectic restaurant to create a lively atmosphere. This close and intimate performance highlighted Deloronzi's mastery of his craft as he performed songs from his debut album - Waking the Sound - a well-crafted 10 track journey into the soul. Almost a one-man band, Kris sang, played bass and switched duties for guitar solos mid song with the aid of some advanced musical technology. Accompanying him throughout the set was seasoned percussionist Sean Jesseneu. -equipped with congas, rainsticks and chimes to add to the world beat vibe. Ethereal sounds and a sense of warmth and comfort radiated throughout the lively room as onlookers took in the act.
Those attending who may have been of an older vintage got a real treat when Kris preformed Genesis' Follow Me, which was performed, of course, in his global sound …

Use the 4 Agreements in every day business meetings

Today i had the opportunity to meet and discuss issues on which i thought i had a fairly good grasp. I was hesitant at first but went in with an open mind. I was pleasantly surprised. I took away from my discussion new ideas, concepts and most of all a re-energizing of passion pertaining to this particular subject.

The 4 Agreements apply 100% to this scenario - as it does to all others:

1. Never make assumptions: Never be closed minded. Cautious scrunity is okay - just don't be pessmisitic and most of all don't assume you know what they're talking to you about.

2. Don't take anything personally: Hear what they have to say. It may be good it maybe bad. Don't internallize it. Listen and learn from it. You will know more by hearing and watching then by objecting and defending.

3. Be impeccalbe with your word. This person wants to share information with you. This will allow him/her to open up more if they feel a connection and will therefor want to share more. If you aren&…

The Consonance

I've given this album a number of listens, but i was hooked on the first riff the first time i heard it. The fluttered run of the sax to start the jazzy intro smashes straight into the no nonsense drum beat of the core idea of the song. That sax is permanently imprinted into my psyche. I notice myself throughout the day looping it over and over in my brain - but it always takes a moment for me to realize it. That my friends is what they call a 'hook'!
This hook along with many many others is what you'll experience when you listen to The Consance's latest offering "Come The Day". This band has carved out a unique niche combining countless styles of music into a sound all their own. The Consonance is comprised of 6 accomplished musicians who all met at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton. Elements of jazz, funk, hip-hop, pop and R&B build the foundation of this group. Layered on top is Jesse Dolliment's vocals - a real treat for the ears. She has a …

Can't find all users folder in windows 2008 or vista

Looking to do some terminal server work and want a standard shortcut on the desktop of all users who log in?

Windows 2008 and Vista/7 moved Documents and Settings to a new spot: Users (off the root of the system drive: C:\Users)

There's now a public folder under users - this is the old 'all users' folder. To find the 'destkop' go to folder options (click 'alt' on your keyboard and your toolbar will show up). Just go to 'tools' and click 'folder options'). Once there just click on the 'view' tab and click 'show hidden files/folders'.

Your 'desktop' folder will now show up under c:\users\public\desktop

Tool bar missing from Server 2008

Can't find the 'file, edit, view, etc' in the standard explorer window or when you open my computer on windows 2008 or vista?

Click on the 'alt' button on your keyboard and the menu will magically appear! No idea why Microsoft did this.

Bay Street

I really love whats going on with the downtown core initiative with the marina development and the focus of making this area the 'entertainment' district. Like every successful city - there needs to be a focus for the main stream citizen and tourist. Any time I have visited friends in other cities, we've always gone to the 'happening' spots for drinks and entertainment.

In some cities - there's one main part of town. In larger cities you have multiple 'districts' that offer their own unique style and flare. It's what i think helps nurture an identity for the city and fosters a culture.

What I find really fascinating is when there is a little area that's a little lesser known. Its where the locals hang out and it smacks of culture. Its even better when someone you're visiting knows of this sort of area and takes you there. You get this sensce of authenticity.

I believe there's a place in Thunder Bay that speaks to this. Its the Bay Street…

Writing Experiment Update

Just a quick update. My writing experiment has evolved very quickly. I had my Sepultura post published in my city's online news publication!
So pumped that after just a few blog entries I got the courage to submit my piece and have it put out into the open. I even got a got a good response with over 200 people reading it.

I'm going to do my best to keep writing.

Here's the link: to article:

Please check it out!

Sepultura Brings The Energy

I got to Crocks late. The one time i plan on the head liner playing a long set list into the wee hours - they go all Cinderella and packed up at Midnight. However short my experience - it was pretty awesome.
Sepultura has played to literally - a 100 000 people in their hey day. Tonight they played to a couple 100 hardcore fans here in Thunder Bay. I had made my way to the bar after bumping into old high school friends who all had ear to ear grins on their faces. Not the cute cuddly type of grin - but the more sinister type of grin with the glint in their eye. You could feel the energy that this type of event generates as soon as you walked through the door.
If you haven't been to a loud metal show let me explain. Its mostly dudes. Young and old they come out of the wood work for these types of shows. They drink some booze and shake off the rust and head into the pit. The music is loud and very rhythmic. The crowd jumps in unison and a wave of people literally washes up around the …

You gotta make time

My mind is full of possibilities. However there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. I am becomming a 'jack of all trades - master of none'.

There used to be a time when there was more time. Time flies when you're having fun they say, so i must be enjoying myself. But i can't help but feel preassured. Preassure that i'm not going to finish what i start because i'm trying to do too much.

Case in point. I'm trying to record an album. Its taking a awhile. I need to make time to fire up my gear and record guitar tracks. I know they need to be laid down - but its turned into work. Writing this statement down is very telling. If its turned to work than its not fun. I do enough work at work and at home. So do i want to make more work? I think so. I don't want this to be a failed effort. So i will record 1 session a week. That is my goal. If its a chord progession or even just a quick riff - i will finish this.

Summer is Upon Us

A number of things are starting now that the weather is shaping up.

Gardening and yard work is in full affect. Gazeebo has been assembled for shading the abundance of sun in my backyard. Flower and garden boxes have been constructed. Once i get some fill i'll be able to plant my vegetable plants i've been growing indoors for the last 4 weeks.

Hockey playoffs are winding down with only 4 teams remaining. I picked the Bolts in a hockey pool and to my surprise they may win. Their 1 3 1 defensive system stymied the Bruins in game 1. Looking forward to game 2 to see if Boston has an answer for it. Based on the amount of Canadian content on the Bolts - they are my surrogate team (Leafs) for the playoffs. I didn't care for them when the Leafs matched up againsts them all season, but in the playoffs i think they have the best shot. I like Stevie Y too - i think he did a great job turning this team around in short time.

I can't be bothered to watch the otherside with the Sharks an…


I've been doing different types of meditation for over 3 years now. Some intense sessions lasting more than an hour to some very gentle 10 minute daily sessions.

I won't go into the spritual awakening aspects of meditation as that can turn people off very quickly. I'll just talk about the mental and phisycal benefits that just 10 minutes a day does for me.

Due to my current domestic situation, I don't get enough sleep. The sleep i do get is disjointed. I am awoken on average 2 times a night in about 3 hour increments. I get close to 8 hours, but its not a solid 8 hours. I am just getting by in the rest department. This means i am a bit more prickly than i'd like to be during the day because i'm just not getting enough sleep.

Meditation - even if its for 10 minutes first thing in the morning before i start my day i find very beneficial. With the proper breathing techniques (deep and slow) I find my body gets a quick boost of energy. Its contradictory because i g…

Poorly Informed Public

Just two items i wish to voice my opinoin on, first coalition governments and proprotional representation.

First - I'm okay with coalition governements. I think Canada is one of the only countries left in the democratic world that doesn't have a coalition of some sort running governement. 35% of the votes to me does not say 'majority'. To me - that means the voter represtenation is pretty even and a majority of only 35% does not speak for everyone. So a coalition governement i think would better respresent the country if the vote is that close. Coalition would force the parties to work together and find even ground. I think Canada would benefit from a coalition governement this time around if the PCs don't get that much further ahead.

Second - Proportional Representation. Bascially our current electoral system is unfair. Two parties based on 'movements'. One is a spereatist movement and was is a green movement. The seperatist movement - because its focus in Q…

Hockey Talk

If 'your' team didn't make the playoffs, who do you cheer for? Do you cheer for a Canadian team out of patriotism? Do you cheer for a team with a player(s) you follow? Do you cheer for the teams you figure will win your hockey pool? Do cheer against teams you don't like?

Here's where's my head at:

-I don't buy the patriotism perspective - there's more Canadian players playin on US teams

-I tried cheering for my pool - but i forgot who i had winning some brackets

-I've settled for cheering against teams i don't like.

So here's where i sit in the first round:

Wings - because i'd like to see the Coyotes go back to Winnipeg, and i have the Wings in the finals
Tampa - i have them in the finals and i don't like Matt Cooke (Penguins) plus no Sidney Crosby
Habs - I'm a Leafs fan and this was the lesser of evils, and a co-worker is a bad Bruins fanatatic
Ducks - I'd seen Cory Perry play in the OHL and have kept an eye on him since. They're…

Writing Experiment

Since i've exhuasted people with my opions, i'll give it a go at writing. Stumbled upon this exerpt at

VS Naipaul’s Rules for Beginners!5795318/how-to-avoid-coming-off-as-pretentious-as-a-beginning-writer

1. Do not write long sentences. A sentence should not have more than ten or twelve words.

2. Each sentence should make a clear statement. It should add to the statement that went before. A good paragraph is a series of clear, linked statements.

3. Do not use big words. If your computer tells you that your average word is more than five letters long, there is something wrong. The use of small words compels you to think about what you are writing. Even difficult ideas can be broken down into small words.

4. Never use words whose meaning you are not sure of. If you break this rule you should look for other work.

5. The beginner should avoid using adjectives, except those of colour, size and number. Use as few adverbs as possible.

6. Avoid the abs…