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Cyberbullying, now Cyberbaiting

There's a new term being thrown around - Cyberbaiting.  This takes cyberbullying to another level.

Instead of students bullying students via the internet, students are now trying to bully teachers.

Students will intentionally provoke teachers and try and catch a possible embarrasing or compromising situation on their phone.

Once the incident is captured the student attempts to 'bait' the teacher by threatening to post the picture/video online.

According to Symantec - 1 in 5 teachers has personally or knows of a fellow teacher caught up in a cyberbaiting scenario.

Its no surprise now that 67% of teachers say being friends via social media networks with students is risky.

Zucchini and Shrimp Pasta

4 Zucchini
1 onion diced
1 handful of  mushrooms
1 handful slivered sun dried tomatoes
12 small shrimp
1 cup of white wine
1 package of fresh pasta
Virgin Olive Oil

One of my favourite staples in the house.

This one is very simple and very tasty.  Start with a big pot and heat up some oil.cook down diced  onions and cubed zucchini and constantly stir as to not stick to bottomonce onions and zuchinines mush up add everything else and turn down heat and allow to simmerstir often  Pasta: Prepare as per pasta packaging instructions Once pasta is strained and the pot of goodness is a nice mushy sauce consistency, mix together and serve with parmigiana cheese.  Drink the white wine you used in the pasta.

Activate Ipad Itunes without a credit card

I set up a new Ipad 2 for a friend who insisted on not using his credit card.  This is how i got it to work:

Buy an Itunes gift card - any amount.Download itunes to your computer and setup an itunes account.Then when it asks for billing option - do not fill out the credit card info (even though it insists you do) and simply punch the authorization number of the itunes gift card in the second section.  Wait for it to process and when complete you will get the same screen, but you no longer need to provide credit card info - just the billing address at the bottom.

Hope that helps someone.

Tampa Bay Lightning Trap

Much is being made of last nights NHL game between the Flyers and Bolts.  People are already calling for rule changesr to 'fix' what happened last night.  I for one commend Laviolette for making his Flyers do what they did.  And here's what i think of last nights 'travesty'.

I think this got everyone talking and has elevated the education level of hockey fans.  I don't believe a majority of fans realized what a 'trap' truly meant and what a 'system' really meant.  TSN, Sportsnet and others did  a great job at displaying this with their smart boards and video freeze frame.
I am not a Flyers fan.  But i do think there was some brilliance to Laviotte's strategy to address the trap.  He did this in Tampa which took the crowd out of the game.  It got the attention of everyone watching it on Tv and on recaps.  It exposed the 'trap' and embarrassed the Bolts.  St. Louis had to ask the coach 'what do i do now'?

There is no need to '…

These are a few of my favourite drinks...

"Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since we have no place to go - let it snow let it snow let it snow."     There's something about this time of year that just begs for a drink for any visit before and during the holidays.  Here is my list of drinks, wines and beers that i like to stock during this festive time:

Shlog 'n nog:  
New twist on an old favourite that I found during my time in Muskoka.  Eggnog and Goldschlager.  Just try it - you'll thank me.

Jameson.  Nice and neat.  Not to overpowering - perfect with some ice.

Red Wine: Union Red Wine.
Just a nice everyday table red.

Red Wine: The Wolftrap.
Just a bit more flavour than Union. Again - good every day table with a little extra flavour.

Red Wine:
Casilero Del Dialblo Shiraz.  Powerful and Spicy Red.  Offer this if you want to get them talking. About the wine or anything else

White Wine:
Union White Wine.  Nice and mellow - not to sweet.  For the Ladies…

New Server- Same Old Problems - Registry Corruption

Well it happened.  Registry changed caused major issue with server 2008.  Newer server platform - same old problem and same resolution as windows 98.

Quick Fix:

Boot to install CD.
Get to command prompt.

1. Rename the affected registry (this case 'system'.)
C:\windows\system32\config\ren system  systemold

2.  Copy backup from regbak
c:\windows\system32\config\copy c:\windows\system32\config\regbak\system

Cross your fingers.