Tampa Bay Lightning Trap

Much is being made of last nights NHL game between the Flyers and Bolts.  People are already calling for rule changesr to 'fix' what happened last night.  I for one commend Laviolette for making his Flyers do what they did.  And here's what i think of last nights 'travesty'.

  1. I think this got everyone talking and has elevated the education level of hockey fans.  I don't believe a majority of fans realized what a 'trap' truly meant and what a 'system' really meant.  TSN, Sportsnet and others did  a great job at displaying this with their smart boards and video freeze frame.
  2. I am not a Flyers fan.  But i do think there was some brilliance to Laviotte's strategy to address the trap.  He did this in Tampa which took the crowd out of the game.  It got the attention of everyone watching it on Tv and on recaps.  It exposed the 'trap' and embarrassed the Bolts.  St. Louis had to ask the coach 'what do i do now'?

  3. There is no need to 'fix' anything.  This may happen again with other teams facing the Bolts and i implore them to use the same strategy.  The Bolts will get frustrated and eventually break down and engage the puck carrier - thus breaking down the this particular trap formation.

  4. The Bolts are the ones that will have to change their system. Their home fans won't tolerate a 'soccer' style game and pressure from "Stevie" and owners will make sure the coach changes strategy.  It may be a 'winning' system but the fans won't buy it if they continually get embarrassed and bored to death.
So let this play out.  It will resolve itself.  We'll all have a good laugh a decade from now when we talk about that 'crazy Philly game against the Bolts' where the Flyers tried to 'ruin' hockey.


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