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Poor Young Things Return

LU Outpost saw the return of Thunder Bay’s prodigal sons – The Poor Young Things.  Perhaps a rougher and  grittier Poor Young Things.  PYT you see moved to Toronto a while back. They immersed themselves in the Toronto music scene and their latest collection of songs due out in the very near future capture the essence of their surroundings.
Take your pick - the lyrical commentary of big city life, the comforting guitar melodies a mongst a soundscape of raw distorted chordings, or the harmony laden anthem like choruses – PYT showed they've evolved and matured in their musicianship and song writing. Their songs have a bit more drive, edge and power to them - no doubt attributed to their big city influences.

Poor Young Things dedication to their music showed as they put in an inspired performance to the allegiance of fans that filed into the Outpost.  Their new found energy was quite evident in their enthusiasm as the guys left no part of the stage untouched.  Putting it all o…

Avocado by the Spoonful

I like to eat avocado.  The taste on its own is only mildly aquired. But the health benefits are excellent!

helps with the eyeslots of fibrehelps lower cholesterallots of potassium (more than banana)Rich in Vitamin B, E and Klowers LDL A quick search online will yield lots of great information about this great lunch dessert replacement.

Purchase from grocery store/fruits standplace in bowl and allow to ripen to the point where fruit is soft to the touchpit the fruit by cutting one continuous line without trying to cut through the pitpull the to halves apart and the pit should easily come outuse spoon to scoop out and eat! Enjoy!

Use a Pre-Paid Visa to shop Google Play Store Instead of your Actual Credit Card

If you're looking for a secure way to buys apps, music, books movies online with your Android Nexus, Galaxy or anything else that uses Google Play Store, the best method to ensure your credit card doesn't get compromised is to buy a pre paid Visa Gifcard at your local grocery store.

Just a few quick things you'll need to do first before purchasing anything in Google Play Store or any online store for that matter:

•Make sure you login to the gift card's website and register your card with your full

•You will need to add your mailing address so that vendors can complete a transaction. If you don't - it will most likely be decilined as it appears it does not beolong to anyone.   This also helps with online stores that will deliver an actual product

•While not necessary - you can also attach your gift credit card to your google wallet.  Login to  and sign in with your google account - assuming its the same one you used to register any tablet/ph…

Keurig "My K-Cup" Reusable Filter Adapter

If you are lucky enough to own a Keurig coffee maker, you may have been hit with some sticker shock after you burnt threw the sample packs and had to re-stock your cupboards with k-ckups.

So you'll be as excited for the My K-Cup reusable filter adapter.

Simply put - you can use your own store bought coffee in addition to the pre-packaged boxes of k-cups.

This truly great news for those of us who on the go. Simply fill the filter with your favourite coffee, assemble the adapter and pop it into your Keurig. Seconds later - hot fresh coffee!  Whether your on a budget and buying coffee by the can, or you like your fair trade local coffee shop freshly ground beans, you can now quickly and easily perk a quick cup of joe.

Washing is a cinch.  Disassemble, empty the used grinds, rinse and re-fill.  It has made mornings in my household much more efficient.  I just fire my to-go-cup into the keurig, fill and insert the filter into the keuring and i'm out the door minutes later.

This is…

What about the little guy?

I'm torn.

Do I really care if the NHLis locked out?


It's like the devil and the angel on my shoulders, whispering into my ears with suggestive thoughts.

The Angel says:  yes despite the fact that this round of labour agreement talks is purely about money and nothing elseSure - Gary Bettman won't admit that Phoenix isn't working and wants the players to pay for his mistakeThe league is using 'lockout' as its first move instead of lastThe league will make more money in its return from lockout than it lost in the abssense of a stoppage - as proved last time this happened An easy desicion to say sure - who cares if there's no hockey. This is just greed at work. But the Angel on my shoulder says - what about all the minimum paying jobs of employees that won't be working in the arenas, that won't be feeding their families?  They'll be out of work.

The Angel says - swallow your pride and your angst and think about the little guy - no one els…

Best Tomaotes - Upside Down Pot

Have you ever tried to growing your own tomatoes? If so, you'll know that it's difficult because of the short growing season here in Thunder Bay. So what do you do? Many people have found success by using the upside down tomatoe pot. But there are a few things you should know before you buy and implement an upside down toamto pot to ensure a ripe harvest. This post will tell you what you need to know to make sure you yeild some great tasting tomatoes that you will be eating sooner than if you were to plant tomotoes traditionally.

If you're looking for the upside down pot, you can buy it from an infomercial on tv, online, or most big box stores with a garden center. 

Planting is simple:

make sure you have lots of potting soil and water. If don't, you'll have trouble getting the roots to taketake the round piece of foam outinsert your tomatoe sapling into the container - roots first into the openingstick the foam back in from the top and slide the tomatoe stem into …

Home Made Muffin vs Fast Food Muffin

Real vs Fast Food Muffin - so the results are in.   I watched for weeks as a fast food muffin didn't break down over the course of 5 weeks.  I even cut it in half to see i if anything was happening inside - not much.

Baked some home made muffins and just after about 5 days it started to decay and break down.

Yes i know this isn't even close to being scientific. But seeing is believing for me that there isn't something quite right about fast food.  Enough so for me to ponder -what's this actually doing for me or to me?

Well it looks like some patio style planning is going to happen on St. Paul St.  This is great news.  We need more of these little improvement projects in the down town core.

The plan is to eat up to parking spaces and build out a bit of patio for the local restaurants.

There is also plans to have electrical and water hookup ups in order to be able to close the street off completely and have farmer's markets and festivals.

“We’re going to have a water station as well as hopefully an electrical station so we can close down the street and have fairs or farmers markets,” he said.

“They are telling us that having patios on sidewalks is allowed and we will be allowed to serve onto the street alcohol if we wish to. However, no one has given us a license to do that. We’re trying to work with the city to come up with a plan that will be beneficial for property owners.”

The entire press release is

Fast Food Doesn't Break Down Fast at All

Okay its been a month since purchasing a 'muffin' from a certain fast food chain.

This morning it was time to cut this thing in half and see what's inside.

It was hard as a rock.  I resorted to a hand saw to get through it.There was literally 'muffin' dust as a by product of my sawing.


the muffin/cake part was hard - i could probably chisel something out of itthe 'cranberries' were flaky on the outside, but still a bit spongy on the insideno visible signs of decomposition, no discolouration Will it breakdown or start decomposing now that its been split in half?  Will find out next week.


Ever since the art boxes at Marina Park went up last year - there's been one in particular that's been nagging my memory.  The one with the two silvery humanoid persons surfacing out of the water.

Looking for something else today i stumbled across this album cover from Primus and bam!  That's where i thought i knew that art work similarity!

I'm all for public art.  I just don't like the digital art scenes on these 'boxes' as they aren't old enough looking to be timeless.  The same feeling when you watch a movie from the early 90s when CG was in its infancy and the believability just isn't there.

Fast Food Still Not Really Fast at Breaking Down

Still no real change in this muffin that was acquired almost a month ago!

Next week I will cut this thing open and see what - if anything is happening on the inside.

Flood of 2012

Buckets of rain caused some of the worst flooding in Thunder Bay i've ever seen.

Fast food doesn't break down fast at all 3

Another week and not much changing.  Next week i will cut this muffin in half and see whats going on inside

Bryan Adams

From a purist perspective of what a rock concert is, last night's performance from Bryan Adams should be the standard by which all rock concerts should adhere to.  
I was blown away from beginning to end. There was no big light show, dancing troops, and lip syncing that seems to be the norm for today's concert expectations.  Just a straight up smash it out of the ball park concert that blew everyone away.
2+ plus hours of chart topping hits. Every note sung with as much enthusiasm and passion as he did 20+ years ago.   There was no sense of nostalgia.  Last night's concert performance was Bryan Adams - still in his prime. 
This concert will go down as one of Thunder Bay's best ever.  Those fortunate enough to attend caught a legend in the making and we will all be talking about last night for years to come.  I wouldn't be surprised if Bryan Adams returns in the near future - his most adoring and appreciated fans are right here in Thunder Bay. 

Fast Food Doesn't Break Down Fast At All con't 2

Well its been just over a week with the muffin.  Apart from the outside getting pretty hard, it hasn't changed in appearance one bit.

Original  story of Fast Food Breakdown: Click Here

Fast Food Doesn't Break Down Fast At All

There's been a rash of posts of certain fast foods that don't decay, floating around my social media outlets.   One in particular post has a display of fast food that claims to be over 2 years old.  In the display is a burger, fries etc.  From the picture it appears that the decay process has yet to start.  The claim is that there is so much unnatural stuff in the food that it can hardly be called 'food'.

I'm not the most sceptical person, but i am no fast food proponent either.  So to appease my curiosity, i've decide to do my own little 'look this muffin is x days old experiment.

Here is  a muffin purchased from a certain fast food restaurant 3 days ago.    I will update my blog with new photos of this muffin and see for myself how long it lasts before succumbing to mould.

Zen Garden

If you are of the mind that you can intend every day to be a surprise, than its no surprise that you get to experience new and exciting things - all the time.

 Today I got adventurous and took a walk with a co-worker to the Bay and Algoma area for lunch.

We hit Bean Fiend - a place i haven't been to in a while.  I ordered an iced latte.  As I waited i noticed a sign at the back door "New Zen Garden Outside".  Intrigued i opened the door and was very surprised to see a full on landscaped and secluded eating area.

It was a very zen like experience just sitting in the sun looking at all the details and obvious effort that went into building this little paradise just meters from the busy traffic.

Of real interest to me was the explanation for what i thought was a shelf against the fence.  The waiter informed me that its actually a stage on its side and their intention is to have live music.  Fantastic!


The Community Auditorium was alive Wednesday night when Pavlo performed cuts from his new album Six String Blvd.  Pavlo the consumate performer played as much on stage as he did amongst the crowd making sure his fans got their money's worth.

Whether he was sitting in a seat next to a fan playing - or dancing with others, Pavlo played his heart out and really showed how much he appreciates his followers. Between songs he'd tell tales and really connect with the audience.

Pavlo has certain flair about him.  His command of his guitar is paramount.  With an almost machine gun like attack, his fingers fly up and down the neck of his guitar at break neck speed.  Accompanied on almost every single note, is his Bazukee  player.  The combination of the nylon stringed classical guitar and the chimey steel strung Greek guitar give 'Pavlo' his distinct Mediterranean sound.

With most songs  arranged in a traditional theme, the crowd could not help itself and clapped along in uni…

This video makes me want some tea really bad

This video makes me want some tea really bad!  

A friend of mine threw this series my way.  Its just awesome.  Hilarity aside, its got me craving tea again.  I'll be honest, i've been drinking WAY to much coffee.  However I can get it.  I've mentioned in past posts about my affinity for Calico and Great Northwest Coffee.  I even have my own mini tea press that I use for fresh ground beans from Calico and Great Northwest Coffee.  My department even has an espresso maker at the ready to go equipped with a milk steamer.
This video, has inspired me to get back on the tea bandwagon.  My go to tea is green and chai.  Green when i'm feeling a bit unhealthy, and the Chai tea when I feel a bit fancy and tired of coffee.
Starting tomorrow, i'll be starting a tea regiment.  
Interesting Tea Fact:  It is the second most consumed liquid in the world - water being the first.
I've heard House of Tea is a great place to go.  I will make sure to take a visit there and post a q…

Love Living In Thunder Bay, Love Eating In Thunder Bay

Its by no means breaking news, but Thunder Bay has some damn fine dining establishments.  The Bay and Algoma district especially.  (Say it again - Bay and Algoma District).  There are more great places to eat in this block than any where else in the city.  (this bodes well for my previous suggestion of closing off bay street to create a piazza -  Bay St Piazza)

When i find something I like, the norm for me is to be addicted.  Chipolte unrwrap with Tofu with a side of WheatGrass.  The mix of roasted red peppers, bean sprouts, tofu and the vinaigrette is amazing.   And satiating. I am full when i eat this dish.  And with mostly greens, that's hard to accomplish.

Growing Season is very popular.  So if you're in a rush - avoid the lunch crowd.  If you've been before, you know it can get a bit crowded very quickly.  Regardless - its worth the wait.

I haven't had a 'juice' yet but noticed a lot or patrons with colourful beverage  in hand.  Can anyone make me a recomm…

Motivation to write music

Really inspired today.  Read Deadmau5 " united we fail" blog and he really pushed my 'creativity' button. 

He read a short story and was motivated to write a soundtrack to express what he was feeling.

To take it a step further, he posted his creation on soundcloud and allowed others to contribute lyrics and melodies. These were not A list celebrity singers, but pure musically inclined artists that created something for the sake of creating.

DeadMau5 was blown away when he heard a submission which comprised of 2 verses.

The guy read the description of what the track was about. He read the story to get inspiration and then wrote some melody and lyrics.  Pure music creativity.  No influence of perception, money, ego, motive.  Just pure creativity.

Here's the entire article:

Fix Windows7 Boot Issue by changing BIOS

Re-imaging a Windows 7 installation and couldn't get it to boot.
Kept getting the option to attempt to boot to Windows 7 or run a repair. Neither fixes issue. Fix:  Change your BIOS setting for the SATA from AHCI to IDE mode. Done!
Here's the specific driver it didn't like in AHCI mode:
Error: PCI\VEIN_8086&DEV_38B22&SUBSYS.306017AA&REV.06 not found

My Arsenal to Combat the Flu

Well it finally got me.  I started coming down with 'something' yesterday around lunch time.  I went into lock down and assessed my situation.  Devised a plan of attack. Prepared for the worst.

Water. Lots of it. Thankfully my office has filtered water fountains. That would get me through the afternoon until i headed homeDiner.  Healthy. Turkey meatloaf and lots of veggies.Post diner - green tea.  I drank a whole pot.Staying awake - no napping before bed.  From experience, the more tired i am before bed, the more likely i will actually sleep.   NeoCitran - Drink this right before i crawl into bed. Nothing worse for the psyche than waking up at 3AM congested an unable to sleep, lying awake for hours. NeoCitran + exhaustion = solid 5 hours of sleep. Undisturbed sleep really helps heal the body.  No medical evidence to back this up. It just works for meMorning shower - hot. Get the steam to loosen everything up in the nasal cavities.  Get the aches out of the muscles and bonesBre…

Wheat Grass and Hear Say

Today i was feeling a bit punchy, a bit tired and a bit down.  Something was a bit 'off'.  I usually feel this way before getting sick, or achieving some form of intense cold.  By chance I was at Organic Cafe for lunch today and over heard that there was  fresh batch of juice available.  I couldn't wait to finish my meal just so i could slam an ounce of wheat grass juice.

Within moments of slurping down the viscous green  liquid i instantly felt better.  Yes i know it could be attributed to placebo.  The mind is in fact the best healer.  But it was a story my friend told me after wards that added to my overall improvement in disposition.

A co-worker of his was feeling sick for over a week. Nothing was working.  When given the advice of wheat grass juice, he was almost 100%  by the next morning after ingesting the green stuff.

Now i know there's many that dispel the claims that are made of wheat grass juice.  Just because they aren't all true or valid, doesn't…

Dear NHL, 2 On Ice Referees Isn't Working

Dear NHL,
I'm writing this letter in response to some of the questionable calls and non calls your referees made and did not make.

Please take the 2nd official off the ice and put him behind a tv so he can watch the same game the rest of us are watching.  Equip him with a headset and microphone.  Give the other ref the other headset.  No one else needs to hear what they're saying.  The 'tv ref' can than assist the on ice ref by telling him what's 'really' happening.

Examples are and not limited to:

"The puck is still clear.  The puck is in the net. A player behind you that you don't see just speared another player and the other player is now chasing him down.  There was no goalie contact.  There was goalie contact.  There was goalie contact but its not his fault - the dman cross checked him into the goalie.  That wasn't tripping.  That's a dive."  Etc Etc Etc.

This would easily clear up the animosity of fans vs refs.  If coaching staf…

Aquiring Tickets Oldschool

Sometimes you just have to tough it out.
To some,  Bryan Adams would be a top 10 must see concert of a life time. When it was announced last week that Bryan Adams was booking a stop here in Thunder Bay, the want, nay, the necessity to get tickets in hand for this show became of utmost importance. 
There would be no sitting on the couch with a phone dialling the box office repeatedly, or mashing the F5 key to oblivion on my computer. No, to risky. This would actually require some effort, some warm clothes and some lawn chairs.
Having discussed my predicament with a good friend, it turned out he too was in the same scenario in which he had to acquire tickets for this concert.  We drew up a plan of attack and first thing Satruday morning, there we were - amongst hundreds of other wannabe concert goers, standing in line. In the dark. In the cold.
I have to admit at this point in the story that this is the first time I have EVER stood in line for concert tickets.  I have seem some big sho…

Foundation Odyssey Day 5

Day 5 - sql transaction logs

In my previous WSS installation  i ran into a critical issue when the configuration database ldf file grew out of control and ate up all my harddrive space.  Frantic searching to get this beast of a file (6GB) under control yielded the following solution.  I went ahead and did it now instead of waiting for the this problem to catch me off guard.

Use SQL Studio Manager on the sql server to change the following log file setting:

Right Click Sharepoint_Config and select propertiesClick on 'options'Change Recovery Model from 'Full' to 'simple'Select OKThis works well because it will keep that log file in check and not allow it to grow out of control.  This  config database doesn't change a lot after you get the sharepoint farm up and running so simple should suffice if it all goes south one day and you need to recover.
If you did get caught and the log file chewed up all your drive space, do the following:
Right Click Sharepoint_Config…

What to do in the depths of winter in Thunder Bay?

Why take in the sunny +4 temperatures and eat veggie burgers outside!

I hit up Organic Cafe for their Friday Veggie Burger.  I've heard of it over the years but never timed a lunch outing to coincide with the last day of the week .

Today was the day.  And what better way to eat a hamburger than to eat it outside, in the sun, at a picnic table!  DELICIOUS!

Tangy vinaigrette, home made mayo, spicy mustard and a hint of  relish.  I didn't even suspect it wasn't a meat patty.  I think i can say this is the best 'burger' i've ever eaten - and no 'heavy' feeling afterwards.  Highly recommend trying one if you haven't already.

Blogger + Google+= ?

Just Testing out the new 'blogger' platform with integration into Google+.

Local Shopping at Lunch

In the spirit of supporting our local economy I hit up 3 shops at lunch today.

They say word of mouth is the best business advertising and on the advice of a co-worker, I headed over to Watch Service on Court Street (across from the courthouse).  Risto has been around since 1972 repairing and selling watches.  New watch band, face buff and memorable conversation.  A real treat.

"...When you're the monopoly  you are simply the best. Or the Worst."    --Risto Koivukoski

On the advice of another co-worker and tantalizing  food review I headed over to Sweat Pea's. Very clean, vibrant and cozy.  The gentleman at the counter was knowledgeable, friendly and gave a nice break down of spirit of Sweat Pea's.   Went for the vegetarian chilli and was not disappointed.  With the nice big sign in the foyer "Liquor License Application", this could very well be my new favourite hang out.

Next door was the Great North West Coffee House.  First time there as well.  Again…

Flexible Displays - The Future is almost now

CES 2011 a year ago showed us a glimpse of the future.  Its now 12 months later and at CES 2012, there were many mobile devices that had the Samsung Flexible Amoled displays built in.  Pretty cool stuff.  But not as mind blowing as this commercial spot that's been circulating on Youtube.  This is truly amazing if it comes into being. Good by Minority Report fascination and anticipation of must have display of the future.  Hello plastic see through paper thing that interacts with EVERYTHING!

Apple HDTV Rumours - its not TV but really a giant Ipad?

Some interesting possibilities for your household with regards to the rumblings of Apple TVs.  Rumours of Apple making their own TV - essentially a giant ipad for your living room.  It won't be just a TV, but a full IOS installed  display unit.  Remote control can be ipod ipad iphone etc. etc.    to control it  if its got the same software as the AppleTV box you'll probably be able to stream from your device to the TV like you can now.   Complete Syncronicity.

Favorite Shows of 2011

Modern Family - characters developed so well over the last few seasons.  Every scene is comic gold. But pay attention - some of the laughs are fast and furious.

Once Upon A Time - From the makers of Lost.  Don't worry - you won't get Lost on this one.  All your favourite Fairy Tale stories and characters come to life in the modern day. The back stories to the characters take place in fairy tale past - and they are far beyond fractured.  This gem of a show really takes liberties with the stories you know making you want to watch each episode to see 'their' take on it.  Hooked.

Pan-Am - a guilty pleasure.  I love the era in which this takes place.  Still in the first season, the back stories of the characters are still being told and the storyline is now slowly starting to unfold.  Its my fix until Mad Men comes back.

Castle - Cheezy? Sometimes. But Nathan Fillion is awesome.  Formulaic? Think of it as CSI with more comic relief and less death and gore.  The next incarnat…