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This video makes me want some tea really bad

This video makes me want some tea really bad!  

A friend of mine threw this series my way.  Its just awesome.  Hilarity aside, its got me craving tea again.  I'll be honest, i've been drinking WAY to much coffee.  However I can get it.  I've mentioned in past posts about my affinity for Calico and Great Northwest Coffee.  I even have my own mini tea press that I use for fresh ground beans from Calico and Great Northwest Coffee.  My department even has an espresso maker at the ready to go equipped with a milk steamer.
This video, has inspired me to get back on the tea bandwagon.  My go to tea is green and chai.  Green when i'm feeling a bit unhealthy, and the Chai tea when I feel a bit fancy and tired of coffee.
Starting tomorrow, i'll be starting a tea regiment.  
Interesting Tea Fact:  It is the second most consumed liquid in the world - water being the first.
I've heard House of Tea is a great place to go.  I will make sure to take a visit there and post a q…

Love Living In Thunder Bay, Love Eating In Thunder Bay

Its by no means breaking news, but Thunder Bay has some damn fine dining establishments.  The Bay and Algoma district especially.  (Say it again - Bay and Algoma District).  There are more great places to eat in this block than any where else in the city.  (this bodes well for my previous suggestion of closing off bay street to create a piazza -  Bay St Piazza)

When i find something I like, the norm for me is to be addicted.  Chipolte unrwrap with Tofu with a side of WheatGrass.  The mix of roasted red peppers, bean sprouts, tofu and the vinaigrette is amazing.   And satiating. I am full when i eat this dish.  And with mostly greens, that's hard to accomplish.

Growing Season is very popular.  So if you're in a rush - avoid the lunch crowd.  If you've been before, you know it can get a bit crowded very quickly.  Regardless - its worth the wait.

I haven't had a 'juice' yet but noticed a lot or patrons with colourful beverage  in hand.  Can anyone make me a recomm…

Motivation to write music

Really inspired today.  Read Deadmau5 " united we fail" blog and he really pushed my 'creativity' button. 

He read a short story and was motivated to write a soundtrack to express what he was feeling.

To take it a step further, he posted his creation on soundcloud and allowed others to contribute lyrics and melodies. These were not A list celebrity singers, but pure musically inclined artists that created something for the sake of creating.

DeadMau5 was blown away when he heard a submission which comprised of 2 verses.

The guy read the description of what the track was about. He read the story to get inspiration and then wrote some melody and lyrics.  Pure music creativity.  No influence of perception, money, ego, motive.  Just pure creativity.

Here's the entire article:

Fix Windows7 Boot Issue by changing BIOS

Re-imaging a Windows 7 installation and couldn't get it to boot.
Kept getting the option to attempt to boot to Windows 7 or run a repair. Neither fixes issue. Fix:  Change your BIOS setting for the SATA from AHCI to IDE mode. Done!
Here's the specific driver it didn't like in AHCI mode:
Error: PCI\VEIN_8086&DEV_38B22&SUBSYS.306017AA&REV.06 not found

My Arsenal to Combat the Flu

Well it finally got me.  I started coming down with 'something' yesterday around lunch time.  I went into lock down and assessed my situation.  Devised a plan of attack. Prepared for the worst.

Water. Lots of it. Thankfully my office has filtered water fountains. That would get me through the afternoon until i headed homeDiner.  Healthy. Turkey meatloaf and lots of veggies.Post diner - green tea.  I drank a whole pot.Staying awake - no napping before bed.  From experience, the more tired i am before bed, the more likely i will actually sleep.   NeoCitran - Drink this right before i crawl into bed. Nothing worse for the psyche than waking up at 3AM congested an unable to sleep, lying awake for hours. NeoCitran + exhaustion = solid 5 hours of sleep. Undisturbed sleep really helps heal the body.  No medical evidence to back this up. It just works for meMorning shower - hot. Get the steam to loosen everything up in the nasal cavities.  Get the aches out of the muscles and bonesBre…