My Arsenal to Combat the Flu

Well it finally got me.  I started coming down with 'something' yesterday around lunch time.  I went into lock down and assessed my situation.  Devised a plan of attack. Prepared for the worst.

  • Water. Lots of it. Thankfully my office has filtered water fountains. That would get me through the afternoon until i headed home
  • Diner.  Healthy. Turkey meatloaf and lots of veggies.
  • Post diner - green tea.  I drank a whole pot.
  • Staying awake - no napping before bed.  From experience, the more tired i am before bed, the more likely i will actually sleep.   
  • NeoCitran - Drink this right before i crawl into bed. Nothing worse for the psyche than waking up at 3AM congested an unable to sleep, lying awake for hours. NeoCitran + exhaustion = solid 5 hours of sleep. Undisturbed sleep really helps heal the body.  No medical evidence to back this up. It just works for me
  • Morning shower - hot. Get the steam to loosen everything up in the nasal cavities.  Get the aches out of the muscles and bones
  • Breakfast - water, vitamins, food. Whatever you can eat to get you through the next few hours
  • Get out of the house - whether or not your calling in sick - just get out and about.  Get your mind off being sick.  Fresh air helps.  Especially if its winter.  Cold crisp air.
  • Fisherman's friend to keep the de-congestion going
  • Gage you status around lunch.  
I made it to 12Noon today and so far so good.  Still feeling it, but it's 'not that bad'.


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